Reiki Training

Transform your life by becoming a channel for the unconditional love that is Reiki

Reiki is a holistic system that uses universal life force energy to create healing on all levels of being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. Learn more about Reiki  and also how to become a channel for this amazing energy to heal yourself and to help heal others. Learn more about Reiki»


Center in the truth of you and the life you are creating daily

Meditation is a technique used to clear the clutter of the mind and to bring about awareness and and peace. There are many different methods of meditation but all help to clear the mind of unwanted noise and bring the self into a heightened state of awareness that an often lead to states of deep peace and calm. Learn more about meditation


Go deeper in the process of self discovery and expansion

Nia teaches a variety of workshops and classes primarily in the Los Angeles and Chicago areas including Reiki Meditations, Akashic Star Activations and more. To see upcoming workshops go to the Calendar page.

Akashic Records Training

Strengthen your connection to spirit and universal guidance

The Akashic Records carry a profound healing energy and unconditional love from our guides, angels, loved ones and source. Through the records we can feel the truth of the Oneness, and our link to the divine, to the mysteries, and to the connection with the All. Learn more about the Akashic Records»

Private Sessions

For when you need a little help getting there

Nia offers one-on-one private sessions for Reiki, Akashic Readings,  and Integrated Energy Sessions (using multiple modalities). Sessions can be conducted in-person, over the phone, or through web-conferencing. Learn more about Private Sessions»

Reiki for Animals

For when our furry friends need some assistance

Reiki is also an amazing healing modality for Animals and Nia works regularly with both dogs and cats to help them with a variety of issues. Some animals are even able to become channels for the Reiki energy and magnify the healing energy they already offer us. Learn more about Reiki for Animals