Reiki for Animals

Reiki effects animals the same way it effects people. Reiki has been shown to reduce both acute and chronic pain, shorten the healing time after injury, it lowers the heart rate, eases anxiety,  boosts the immune system and enhances well being.

Reiki can help release and heal trauma in animals, just as it does in humans, and behavioral and social issues that resulted from those traumas can be transformed. Animals who are afraid of people or other animals can over come those fears and their social abilities can greatly increase.

In my personal experience every animal I have ever worked with has shown some kind of improvement. I’ve seen scared an anxious dogs become happy and social, I’ve watched neurological issues disappear, arthritis recede and behavioral issues vanish.

Chewie also taught me that some animals can become Reiki channels, offering Reiki to their family and friends. Before Chewie, I had only preformed the Reiki attunement that enables one to become a channel for the Reiki energy on animals because of the cleansing and healing process that it initiates in them. After I attuned Chewie though we found that he gave just as powerful Reiki as other people who had received the attunmnet that day.

While I still mainly attune animals to Reiki to help them heal and increase their well being, Chewie started a trend and we are finding more and more animals who are increasing there already innate healing abilities by becoming channels for the Reiki energy.

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