Say Yes to your Truth

​I’ve been learning about the power of saying yes.blog_sayingyes_feature Noticing how, that when I let go of false fears and what if’s and just say yes to something I am choosing, the weaving of the universe assists me in the manifestation. We have been taught in many ways that the universe is not on our side or that the universe is telling us what to do; and yet the truth is that the universe is always supporting us and that the universe is responding to our choices, not making choices for us. We are the choosers; we are the creators, that is what free will is all about.

Will we continue to say yes to the separation, to the fear, to what we don’t like, or will we choose to move into the truth of us, the real of us? It’s the false fear and the doubts that aren’t real, saying no to them can be your loudest yes!

Yes‒ing all over the place,

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