Reiki Training and Certification

Reiki Level 1

Transform your life by becoming a channel for this universal life force energy to heal yourself, others and the planet! On a scientific level, studies have shown that Reiki increases the white blood cell count, giving a much needed boost to the immune system, and has also been shown to relieve pain, depression, anxiety, insomnia and more. When one gives or receives Reiki, their brain moves into an alpha state causing a deep relaxation, a state that is often hard to find in our busy western world.

In my personal experience, I have seen great healing occur on both physical and non-physical levels. Cancer released, arthritis recede, chronic pain cease to exist, hearts opened, grief purged and my personal favorite- watching a soul come home, into their life, their body, their now, ready to move forward and claim their future. In my own Reiki training I felt that same homecoming, that reconnection of self, and walked around for days in shock of my “magic hands.”

During this Reiki Workshop you will get attuned to Reiki ,which enables you to become a channel for this healing energy. Once attuned, you will be able to give Reiki to yourself and anyone else for the rest of your life. You will also start a 21 day energetic cleanse that moves through your chakras, clearing and releasing you from old stories, stuck emotions, and ways of practicing yourself that are no longer a match to you. During this workshop, you will also learn the history of Reiki, the science behind it, and its applications as well as practice on your classmates and yourself. 

Reiki Level 2

Reiki 2 brings with it a new level of healing and transformation. The level 2 attunement greatly increases your ability to channel Reiki energy and also allows you to start to perform distant or Absentee Reiki. This means that you are able to send Reiki to yourself and others through space and time. You are able to send Reiki back to those moments of trauma or fear, back to those spaces inside of you that need your healing. You are able to send Reiki forward to your creations and ideas. You are also able to send Reiki to anyone, anywhere, and whenever you choose. To assist you with this, you will learn 3 of the Reiki symbols: the power symbol, emotional symbol, and the long distance symbol, and you will be shown different ways to use them to increase the effectiveness and scope of your Reiki. This level brings with it a powerful year of transformation and growth, opening you up to all the amazing possibilities that your life has to offer you. 

Master Level Reiki

In this Master Level class, you will receive the Master level attunement which opens you to receive and channel even more of the Reiki energy, and opens you to another level of healing for yourself and others. You will be taught and attuned to the Master Level Reiki Symbol and you will learn how to perform a technique called Psychic Surgery, an active Reiki technique that enables you to remove energy blocks at a root level. Finally, you will be shown how to construct and use the Reiki Crystal Grid which allows you to send Reiki constantly to anything and anyone that you choose. Keep opening. There’s so much more. 

Teacher Level Reiki

Learn to attune others to Reiki, to pass this gift of healing and transformation on!  Let’s spread Reiki across the globe! With this teacher level attunement comes another layer of cleansing and the ability to channel even more of the Reiki energy. You will be taught and attuned to the Teacher Level Reiki Symbols and you will learn the ceremony that empowers you to pass on this energy and healing. There will be time for practice and guidance will also be given about creating classes and moving forward as a teacher of Reiki.

Every time I offer a teacher level class, I am amazed at the growth that occurs inside of me. Attuning one person is an amazing gift, attuning a teacher feels as though you also get to bless and be blessed by everyone that is then attuned by that teacher. It is so amazing to be able to pass this gift on!

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