From Floating Jewelry to My Life’s Work – Akashic Records

When I was little I use to love playing with the jewelry that floated around my room at night. I would cup my hands and try to bring the moving strands of soft light closer to me. The strands of light that I thought of as jewelry would get brighter as the darkness of my cupped hands surrounded it. I would bring my hands and the strand all the way to my face covering my eyes and watch as it floated and danced right through my griping fingers.

One night my mother was lying next to me and I asked her why the jewelry only came out at night. I don’t remember our conversation but I do remember that being the first time I realized people didn’t always see or know the things that I did, and there was also the sense of it being unacceptable. Because of those messages, because some of what I saw was scary, and perhaps because I didn’t want to be so different then everyone else, I turned it off, or at least down quite a bit. I didn’t see the jewelry anymore or hear answers to questions before they were spoken. Yet I would still often know who was calling before the phone was answered or have dreams that came true the next day, but I let that be off to the side an unimportant for a very long time.

20 years later when I did my Akashic Records Training, which is a way to tap in to this kind of seeing and knowing, my first thought was, “oh, these pictures mean something,” and I understood that the seemingly random images that would scroll through my head as I fell asleep at night where actually communications. The memories I shared earlier came back to the forefront of my mind rather than off to the side and I knew that for me, learning to read the Akashic records was a way to develop something that had always been there.

Since then I have been amazed at the gifts this communication has brought me and others. While there are so many powerful ways this modality of energy work and communication brings, one of my favorites is what it can offer when a loved one has passed and there is still healing in the relationship that needs to take place.

I will never forget the time I was working with a wonderful lady who had stage four cancer. Very shortly into the reading I told her I saw a gold circular frame with a black and white image of a little girl on a swing. Immediately she started crying, saying that it was a picture of her mother and that, that exact frame and picture was in her own daughter’s room. The image was given to me to let her know that her mother was here, and that this was real. Through the communication offered they proceeded to have a beautiful conversation that was all about letting go of the guilt she had been hanging onto in connection with her mother. The cancer was a result of that guilt and through letting go of the guilt the cancer was let go of as well.

As a little girl playing with the floating jewelry at night I never dreamed that it would lead to this kind of work and yet I find just as much joy in it. I adore being even a small part of a heart healing, a soul coming home, an epiphany opening, or any of the expanding possibilities that are offered through this vibration known as the Akashic Records.

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