Love From the Akasha

Today I opened the Akashic records for everyone who will ever read this. I thought I would share from this energy and I wish you could feel the love that is coursing through me, the love that is being offered to us in every moment. It is amazing to me this unconditional love, this love that has no measure, no boundaries, that exists freely and not because of anything we have done or haven’t done. This love that is infinite, that can never be taken away, that is at the center of every particle of existence.

And so the love from the Akasha offers, “You are perfect just as you are in every moment new and shiny and bright, there is no stain on you, nothing to get rid of or hate, it is through love that you find your center, your real, the light that you are, have always been, will always be. There is nothing in you to hate, nothing, it has all had an offering, it has all served, blow your love in to it and let it reveal to you the love that it is, for it is all love dressed up in magnificently differing ways. And yes, even your hate is love, so embrace that as well. It is through the embrace that you find your free, it is through your yes that you open to you, it is through your dreams that you become real. What you accept as definite, what you are used to, those are the ones that you can begin to doubt. Open to the possibility of magic, of wonder, of soaring joy as your natural way of being. Open to the possibility that you can feel your free continuously, alive in your thriving and in love with every moment of your infinite existence. Open, open, and then open some more. We are with you always, loving you always.”

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  1. Emily says:

    Beautiful. I got the chills and this so resonated with me. Thank you so much for reminding me of truth.

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