February Akashic Forecast and Meditation

This months themes and invitations offered through the Akashic records followed by a guided meditation to bring about your most delicious February!

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  1. Tempesst A says:

    Hello, thank you for this beautiful message. You spoke directly into my heart. I am experiencing vulnerability and openness right now in saying I’m going through exactly what you are speaking about. Releasing of something deep and habitual and not mine. I know that. I just wanted to say thank you. Are you in Chicago currently?

    • Tracey Ostrand says:

      Hi! Sorry I didn’t reply sooner! I missed this. I’m not in Chicago again until April 25th. Feel free to email me at turnyourshineon.com to talk further. So glad this resonated and spoke to you! And thank you for sharing that it did! and your most welcome!

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