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November 9, 2018 @ 7:30 pm - 9:00 pm

$25 – $35
Come partner with the Stars and receive their Wisdom and Infinite Love through the Oneness of the Akashic Records…


“We are made of star stuff” and through that connection, we can open to knowing and feeling our Infinity and our connection with All. We can feel our Oneness, our Divinity and our Unconditional Love. When we partner and activate this remembering inside of us, we expand into Union.

During this Akashic Gong Journey, we will partner with different star formations, nebulas, globular star clusters and more. We will absorb the love and wisdom offered to us and move through a guided meditation of self-discovery and expansion. The Akashic Records will also assist us by offering unconditional love, and by activating our intuition and knowing during this experience. The Reiki-infused gong will be inviting us to move deeper into this process and helping us to shake off all that is no longer serving, all that is not of us, and all that does match our thriving.

After the Journey, we will use the guidance of the Akashic Records to answer any questions that may have arisen during the journey, and to bring clarity and confirmation to what was received. Participants will either be lying down or sitting comfortably during the journey- so please bring anything to support you in your relaxation and opening.

$25 Memberships
$30 Preregister
$35 Day Of


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