Akashic Journeys

Akashic Journey into Abundance (write-ups will vary depending on theme)

Open your Receivers, Align with your Yes, and Activate your Abundance during this Akashic Journey…

It is time to Rise into our Free as we Shed the shackles of lack and Remember our Abundance. We will move through a guided inner journey to release all blockages from our receivers and to set our internal guidance system to Thriving. We will Activate our Abundance through an Akashic Attunement and anchor ourselves in our Creation energy. The Akashic Records will also assist us by offering unconditional love and activating our intuition and knowing during this experience. Reiki and other healing energies will also be used to help us shake off all that is no longer serving us.

After the Journey, we will use the guidance of the Akashic Records to answer any questions that may have arisen during the journey, and to bring clarity and confirmation to what was received. Participants will either be lying down or sitting comfortably during the journey – so please bring anything to support you in your relaxation and opening.


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