Akashic Records Training

orion-nebula-11001_640The Akashic Records are a vibrational energy record of every soul’s possibilities through out all time. The records carry a profound healing energy and unconditional love from our guides, angels, loved ones and source. By entering the Akashic Records we are entering deeper into ourselves, into our knowings, and into our truth.

What happens during an Akashic Reading?

During an Akashic Reading the recipient of the reading is asking questions about anything they wish to receive guidance on and the reader is acting as a channel for spirit to speak through. The records communicate with the reader through pictures, words, feelings in the reader’s body, and knowings. The reader gives this information through the inherent love that permeates the records and with as little interpretation as possible so that the message remains true. During the reading the recipient is also being “worked on” energetically to create openings and releases and blockages are often removed.

What is an Akashic Journey?

In an Akashic Journey the energy and guidance of the records are used to facilitate a reconnection with our spirit. Through a deep guided meditation we go on an inner journey of healing. Sometimes we are collecting pieces of ourselves we left behind due to trauma and the temporary forgetting of who we truly are. Sometimes we are exploring new spaces of ourselves and going on a journey of discovery. All kinds of healing experiences are possible in the journeys but most often people are finding releases, revelations, and guidance about how to move forward in creating the life they are choosing.

Can I become a Channel for the Akashic Records?

You can  learn to become a channel for divine energy and guidance through the Akashic records. Students go through a meditation like attunment process and learn the ceremony that helps them connect to the wisdom and unconditional love of the Akasha. While for many it takes time and practice to hone this skill all have the ability to tap into the energy and guidance of the records.

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